- Decals & Stickers -

Decals available in multiple colors!

Introducing Decals & Stickers!

From transformation to furry and video game-inspired designs, we here at Busy Beaver Designs are super happy to now offer custom decals and stickers! New designs will be added here and eventually over on Etsy — but until then, keep an eye out on Twitter for updates, giveaways, new design previews, and more!

Wanting a custom design as a commission or trade? Feel free to reach or fill in the form below with your idea! :3

-- Custom Decal / Sticker Form --

Custom decals start at $5 for pre-designed graphics, $15 for designs that need to be created!

(Please include your username if you enter Twitter, Fur Affinity, DeviantArt, etc!)
More detail the better!