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Unlimited entertainment for you, or your friends, awaits with the Pleasure Island Premium Membership Pass!

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Unlimited Drinks, Unlimited Rides, and Unlimited Fun! *

Here on Pleasure Island, you’ll find no shortage of games, rides, and other entertainment that’ll have you and your friends bucking with joy! Ensure your trip to Pleasure Island is a memorable one with the Pleasure Island Premium Membership Pass! Keep your glass full, never wait in line for rides, and never miss a second of all the fantastic entertainment Pleasure Island has to offer! With the Premium Membership Pass you’ll be able to go anywhere, anytime; on two legs (or four!). Personalize your badge with your own signature, either sent blank or using one of our fonts! Sign up today to get unlimited drinks, unlimited rides, and unlimited fun! *
All badges are laminated PVC and are shipped with a protective cover, lanyard, and clip for easy wearing! Perfect for human (and donkey) necks! Hee-hawww!
* Pleasure Island Entertainment is not responsible for any results that may arise from those making asses of themselves. (Both figuratively and literally.)

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