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License Information / Design - Back

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Greetings, Pokemon Trainers!

Trainers! Are you looking for a fun and stylish way to show off your favorite Pokemon, your favorite region, and other Pokemon-related info! Each badge is ‘licensed’ from your favorite Pokemon region, from Kanto to Alola; with up to six (6) of your favorite Pokemon showcased on the front alongside your 3DS Friend Code! On the reverse, pick from showing off your Pokemon Mystery Dungeon info, Pokemon Go team info, or QR code other trainers can scan to follow you on social media or eslewhere!
* Upload your own trainer image for the front of the badge; even a Pokemon-version of you on the back! (PMD info required)
* Highlight your favorite Pokemon region and when you got into the series!
* Showoff up to six (6) of your favorite Pokemon, or your current team!
* Share your 3DS Friend Code quick and easily with the ID No. on the front!
* Include your Mystery Dungeon info and Pokemon Go info, such as your Trainer Code, as well for easy sharing!
* An optional QR Code in-place of the PMD or Pokemon Go information is available as well!

Nintendo and Game Freak reserve all rights to the Pokemon brand; these are not officially licensed, only inspired by the design from the Pokemon Sun & Moon games!

Additional Customization Information

For custom ID pictures, please provide a resolution of minimum 300×300 pixels for best print quality! Print quality is dependent on supplied image quality. 

For custom signatures, please provide an image of the signature either as a transparent .png, black-on-white, or a photo with low noise for best results!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note, message, or email!

Additional information

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