Terms & Conditions
By purchasing a product from Busy Beaver Designs, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You agree you are over the age of 18 at the time of purchasing, or have the permission of someone over the age of 18 to do so. Digital badge designs, commissioned or traded artwork, drink label / glasses, card designs, customized vectors made as a part of badges, and other designed elements of these products may not be altered and resold, but may be altered and used for personal use, sharing, or for other non-commercial means. Photomanipulations and other trades/commissions may take some time to complete, but updates will be given to the trader/commissioner via social media, messengers, and/or email provided. Trade and commission requests are subject to these terms and may be declined before being selected, for any reason. 

Additionally, by agreeing to these terms you release Busy Beaver Designs from any liability related to damage, loss, or injury related to the use/misuse of products available on/through this website.

Convention Pickup Policy
If Convention Pickup is an chosen as an option at check-out, the purchaser will be responsible for picking up their badge at the convention. Be sure to check social media for pickup location. Once a location is selected, customers will be notified via the email provided at checkout, along with a general store notice, and social media updates via Fur Affinity & Twitter. Several hours for the first two days of the convention will be set aside for badge pickup on-site. If one is unable to make it to the pickup location, the purchaser may coordinate a specified location for pickup directly. If no attempt is made to reach out, the badge will be eligible for shipping after the convention.

Payments & Shipping
Payment, unless otherwise noted in a promotion or convention-related announcement, will only be accepted through PayPal. While checking out, one will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete their purchase. The address and email associated with this account will be the email and address used to contact the purchaser and ship the finished badge(s). Badges will be shipped via USPS First-Class Mail within the United States, and First-Class International for purchasers outside the United States. Please allow up to a week for delivery (even though it can be much faster!). A tracking number will be provided at the time of shipping; as well as tracking through PayPal. If you do not receive your package, please contact myself through email, Fur Affinity, or social media to work out what happened and where an reprinted copy can be sent! Cost for shipping of bottles may vary depending on weight and contents. Only empty bottles will be shipped internationally. 

Custom Badge / ‘License’ Purchases
Refunds are available for such purchases up until the design has been created / printed. Prior to printing, we will be in contact with you via the email you provide at the time of checkout to allow you a chance to see the design and make any suggested alterations or changes before the badge/license is printed. After printing, changes cannot be made to the design, so take all the time you like in checking over the badge before giving the OK to print! 

Amiibo Card Purchases
If your purchased Amiibo card choice is unavailable due to a design or programming issue, you will have the option of a full refund or you may opt for a new selection. You will be contacted in case of any issues via the email provided at checkout / through Paypal. These Amiibo cards are fan made and hand made, so please allow a day or two for creation and testing before shipping.

Bottle / Glass / Label Purchases
Purchases of labelled products, such as themed glasses and bottles are made to order, meaning none are actively in stock prior to purchase. Unless otherwise noted on the product page, all glasses and bottles are shipped empty, and do not contain liquid. Please allow up to 5 – 7 days for production prior to the 2 – 8 day shipping time. International orders may take longer to ship and may be subject to customs fees and higher shipping cost. Due to some issues regarding COVID-19, shipping may be delayed a few extra days, but a tracking number will be given to help track your package! Labels are treated with a UV-resistant spray to help durability and are washed before being packaged. As these are made to order, there may be slight variations between glasses in regards to label level and length. We recommend hand washing glasses, even though they have been unaffected in a dishwasher. If your purchase is damaged during shipping or you have any issue with the labels, please reach out so we can help!

Reissuing Badges / Licenses
If your badge should become lost or damaged, it can be replaced through using the Badge Reissue form located here. Badge Reissues are only accepted for customized badges, such as the Transformation License/Permit, Pokémon Trainer License / ID / Alolan Passport, and similar items. Furthermore, only Generation 1 badges are eligible for a free upgrade through the Badge Reissue form. These badges were any printed prior to December 2017 that are manually laminated and printed. These badges will be refitted to the new card size/design and reprinted for no cost, though shipping (domestic and international) will still apply. Gen 1 upgraded badges will ship with an additional case, lanyard, and clip.

International Orders
Please allow for extra time for delivery on orders outside of the United States. Generally the shipping is still fairly quick, but weather and customs may increase the amount of time badges are in the mail. Due to restraints on cost on package weight and customs forms, only one lanyard will be included with each international purchase, though each badge will still include a clip and case if more than one badge is ordered.

Returns / Refunds
Busy Beaver Designs does not offer returns for badges, bottles, stickers, vinyl, and other products. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will not be available for custom badge designs, such as the Transformation License, or custom vinyl stickers after designs are created. If a purchase was made in error, refunds will be available immediately. Please reach out to our social media or email immediately in such cases. For products damaged during transport, replacements can be sent out free of cost to the purchaser, or a refund may be offered.