- Commissions & Trades -

Thank you for your interest in a Commission or Trade! Below you’ll find info for both — including forms to submit your info if they’re open! If your commission or trade request is chosen, I’ll reach out to you where you specify in the form! If you have any further questions about either, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or another platform! Thanks!

Trades: The Fair Exchange Rule / TOS

I personally love doing trades, as swapping work is very enjoyable to me! That being said, having done many trades over the years, I currently operate trades in a way I dub, the Fair Exchange Rule. Mainly this means, I am willing to trade just about anything I produce: photomanipulations, sketches or drawings, any badge(s), bottles / props, stickers, decals, even design time – for a fair request of equal work!

To put it simply: larger, more complex, and/or expensive requests are totally cool, provided the offer in return is roughly equivalent. A 5-minute doodle for three custom designed whiskey bottles is not sufficient. A sketch for a sketch or a short story, however, is totally fine! As is a Transformation License for a moderate-length story or refined (or multiple) sketches! I’m open to discuss anything! Just bear in mind: some photomanipulations can take upwards of 8-10 hours of work to complete; and physical products, such as badges and bottles, cost money to produce, package, and ship!

Photomanipulations, any badges, decals, bottles, or other shipped goods will only be available for those 18 years old and above. Even though you may submit a form, it is not a guarantee to receive a trade response. Due to time with work and other factors, I can’t accept everyone, apologies! Content-wise, I am willing to try just about anything minus some of the similar topics listed below. These include scat, gore, vore, UDTF, excessive weight gain, muscle gain, watersports, babyfur, bimboification, among others. Themes such as hypnosis, pool-toys, plush, TF/TG, mind loss, etc are great! Others such as goo, weight gain, and others I am not against, just don’t have a lot of experience with! Will be willing to try what’s not listed within reason! In terms of rating, I am fine doing trades ranging from SFW to NSFW!

Commissions: General Information / TOS

  • Transformation!
  • Hypnosis, Pooltoys, Plush, TG
  • Pokemon / MLP / GW2 / etc
  • Scat, Gore, Vore, UDTF
  • Complex Backgrounds / Designs
  • Anything Involving Minors

Don’t see what a theme you’d like on here? Don’t worry! Didn’t have enough space to include everything I’m willing (or not) to do — some topics, including goo, explicit NSFW, and other themes I just have little experience in, but am not against trying within reason! When it comes to NSFW in relation to photomanipulation (unintentional rhyming!): PG-13 themes, including suggestive themes are totally fine, but anything explicit will be taken solely on a case-by-case basis.

Payments are handled solely through Paypal. No deviantArt points or other currencies will be accepted. If you do not have Paypal, consider a trade! 

Sketching and line-work will begin after payment is received. Additional details, such as expressions, triggers, markings, highlighted features, etc can be discussed at any time, including in the form below! 

Commissions: Photomanipulation Information

Photomanipulations! They’re one of my favorite forms of art to do for folks (obviously) as they get to literally see themselves becoming a critter or creature! They are also the most requested commission type that I get; and while I’d love to do them for everyone, there are a few caveats I have when it comes to accepting them.

First, you MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD to submit a commission request form. Since ‘manips require submitted photographs, I will not accept any stock from those under 18.

Second, resolution is important! A fancy DSLR and lens combo is not required for a photomanipulation (especially today with how far phone cameras have come!) – but higher resolution photographs and sharper images definitely help! In film, there’s a phrase, “Garbage in, Garbage out”. While that phrase seems kind of harsh, it does emphasize that the quality of the outbound product relies on whatever you put in. A photograph that is low resolution cannot be high resolution – but a high resolution photo can always be scaled down. This leads me in to the next topic:

Lighting is key! Beyond the fact I need to see you to morph you – having the proper amount of light helps to reduce noise in the image, and helps your camera achieve sharper focus! (Very important for clean edges!) A well-lit stock photo with a phone camera can far better than a low-light DSLR photograph!

These help me make YOU an animal! – High Resolution, Low Noise, Sharp Focus!

Now, if you are requesting a photomanipulation where you are NOT the subject, then you will need that person’s explicit permission. I am not comfortable morphing someone without their consent – and would prefer not to use online stock if possible. That being said, I am more than happy to provide my own stock for your commission request, and would be happy to do a morph for you of someone else with their approval!

Commission and Trade Request Forms

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Trade forms are CLOSED at the moment!

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