A Brief Introduction

Hey there! My name is Travis — also known as That Isle Beav’ (or Isle), your resident busy beaver! On top of making badges, decals, TF props, and other things, I’m also a filmmaker, photographer, gamer, craft-maker, and artist! If you’re interested in checking out any of my work feel free to use the links at the top and bottom of the page! I’m also active over on Twitter if you want to stop by and enjoy any TF-y shenanigans! :3c
Busy Beaver Designs is a personal project of mine focused on providing some neat convention-wear and other designs for furry and transformation fans! In addition to designs I have slowly been building up over the years, I’m always open to collaborate with folks on unique, one-of-a-kind designs, gifts, and other ideas! 
Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, or want to inquire about a custom project, commission, or trade, feel free to reach out! :3
Additionally, if you'd like to help fund some new design developments, feel free to check out my Ko-fi! Totally optional!

ID Badge | License Information

All badge and license designs are printed on laminated, double-sided 30mil PVC cards, which in addition to being durable and water resistant, can fit in any wallet or credit card-sized holder! Every badge also includes a clear protective carrying case, lanyard, and clip for easy wearing! *
Printing on 30mil PVC cards gives each of these badges a vibrant, detailed look while maintaining a level of durability and water resistance that older designs couldn’t deliver! These cards look and feel like proper ID cards and are tougher than other paper + lamination designs! 
Should your badge become damaged or misplaced, you can have a new one re-printed for $5! If needed, a second lanyard and clip can be included as well. Feel free to head over to the Badge Reissue page to order a new one!  
If you own a 1st Generation Transformation License or similar badge, you can have your badge upgraded free of cost! Head over to the Badge Reissue page and select the “Upgrade” option! Enter any changes you’d like to your original badge’s information, and go through checkout for shipping! If you’d rather fill out a new form, contact me for an upgrade coupon!
* Only one lanyard will be included for international shipping due to weight constraints.

Bottle / Glass Design Information

Each bottle and glass label design is carefully measured and crafted to fit each project; so they will vary in size and weight!* No bottle or glass purchased comes with any consumable liquid, and will ship empty unless specified. Designs are laser-printed onto vinyl labels to help resist water damage, and are additionally coated in acrylic to help prevent UV and small scratch damage. 
If you are interested in your own design as a commission, gift, or trade, feel free to reach out to Isle via a social media platform or email! You may also use the form available on the Bottle / Glass page, here! 
* Note: Pricing for shipping and handling may vary extensively as well due to the weight / size of bottles and shipping cost through USPS.

Lastly, you can check out our Terms and Conditions here, if you’re interested!