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Ever wanted a quick, easy, and stylish way to introduce yourself to other folks at a convention? We’ll we’ve got you covered!

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Introduce yourself at conventions with the Furry ID Badge!

Ever wanted an easy, stylish way to share some of your furry self with someone else? Well now you can! These “Furry ID” badges are a way for folks to find out your name, species (or alternate species!), and your usernames on various social media or art websites! Highlight some of the defining features of yourself in the furry fandom! Your character/fursona, your favorite hobby, your profession– Are you an artist? A fursuiter, photographer, streamer? Let the world know! 
Each badge is custom designed to fit the information you’d like to show off! Quickly and easily allow folks at conventions add you to Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Fur Affinity, or a host of other websites/messengers with information right on the front; including a handy QR Code that can link them directly to a website, gallery, or social media page!
Personalize it further with optional “tag“, or icon / logo! Choose any color you’d like as a base, and feel free to request additional information to be added below the signature; such as a list of species you may run around as, a Transformation Warning, a custom disclaimer about you or your character, or whatever else you’d like! Not quite sure what you’d like? Feel free to reach out and pitch an idea! I’ll be happy to work with you to get you a design you’d dig!

Your occupation, hobby, or anything else in bold up at the top for people to learn something cool about you!

* Your name, species, and any alternate species for people to easily read!
* Your usernames to popular social media websites or other sites for people to easily find and follow you!
* A QR Code for people to follow you on an art website, social media page, or other destination!
* The badge’s front and back are the same; so the information’s always facing forward!

Not quite sure what you want design-wise? Here are a few explanations of the optional design elements to help out! If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or reach out via social media!

Custom "Tag"

 “Tags” are  single defining feature about you, your involvement in the TF/furry fandom, or your favorite sort of hobby/profession! Let folks know that you’re a digital/traditional artist; a fursuiter; photographer; video game streamer; or whatever else you like! These are optional, so if wouldn’t like one or can’t think of one, you don’t need to put one down!

Alternatively, if you’d rather replace your “tag” with a customized warning message about your likelihood of being transformed (or transforming others), then just select which you’d like on the form above!

Digital Artist,   Drinking,   Fursuiter,   Photographer,   Photomanipulation,   Pooltoy,    Streamer,   Traditional & Digital Artist,   Transformation

Additional Customization Information

For custom ID pictures, please provide a resolution of minimum 300×300 pixels for best print quality! Print quality is dependent on supplied image quality. 

For custom signatures, please provide an image of the signature either as a transparent .png, black-on-white, or a photo with low noise for best results!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note, message, or email!

Additional information

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