Ever wanted a badge to show off your favorite aspects of transformation media? Or how about just a cool looking furry or TF-themed badge for a convention? We’ll I’ve got you covered! From our classic Transformation License to our newer Transformation Permits, not to mention our Pleasure Island Ticket and Membership Pass for the donkey TF fan in you! 
If you’d like to highlight a thing about yourself in the furry fandom as a whole, our Furry ID badge can help! Highly customizable and personalized for each wearer! 

As a huge fan of the Pokemon series, I wanted to make a few badges that were useful to would-be Pokemon trainers wanting to show off their in-game teams while giving folks an easy way to add them as friends! The Pokemon Trainer License and Alolan Passport do just that!

Or, if you’re wanting to show off how awesome you are as a Pokemon, why not go for the Pokemon ID? A custom and stylish way to show trainers just how cool of a Poke’critter you are!

Custom Badge Applications Available!

Don’t see a badge design you like? Have an idea based on one currently available? Or have a design of your own you’d like fitted and printed on double-sided PVC? Feel free to send me some information via the Custom ID Badge page, or through social media or another website! I love working on new designs and would love to collaborate with you on a design of your own– or a variant of a current design!

Prices start at $35 and include a carrying cover, lanyard, and clip. Prices are subject to change depending on requested complexity of the design and other similar factors.